Commercial refrigerator of VAIVDOSI is equipped with VAIV EMFW solution internally. This is a large-capacity product that is easy to store large quantities of ingredients, and can be used with temperature control depending on the application.

Model : VC6600(660L), VC4200(420L)

It is a low-capacity refrigerator that can be used at home or small-scale stores. The sophisticated design also performs well as an interior.

Model : VC1200(120L), VC800(80L), VC500(50L)

Install the VAIV EMFW solution on your existing industrial refrigerator or freezer warehouse. It can be customized for size and capacity, allowing you to apply the effects of ElectroMagnetic Field Wave technology through simple installation without modification or transformation.

Fresh-Aging Refrigerator of VAIVDOSI is based on VAIV EMFW, which activates water molecule motion through electromagnetic field waves. As a result, various functions such as thawing, aging, and fresh refrigeration are realized by generating various effects such as water molecule clustering, anion environment composition, and elevation of thermal conductivity.

The electromagnetic waves of VAIV EMFW cluster water molecules through micro vibrations to improve the taste and quality of the ingredients. This maintains the original state of the ingredients and increases the effect of thawing and aging, thus upgrading the quality as well as the taste.

The electromagnetic field waves of VAIV EMFW increase the thermal conductivity of ingredients by making water molecule motion active. As a result, the effect of thawing and aging, which appeared in succession from the outside to the inside in the past, is caused simultaneously in the inside and outside of the ingredients, thereby shortening the time. It also minimizes the rate of loss because the effect occurs at the same time inside and outside the ingredients.

Electromagnetic field energy of VAIV EMFW creates an anion environment that increases the electron concentration in the object, reducing the rate and extent of oxidation and reducing the effect. This prevents oxidization of the target, eliminating bacteria and sterilizing action, and maintains freshness and aging.