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The aging method of other company's products is aging of a fixed temperature. All aging refrigerators and refrigerators have temperature deviations. The other company's products minimize temperature deviations inside the refrigerator and keep the temperature suitable for aging. Rather than using other technologies or features, the performance and price are determined by how much the temperature deviation is minimized.

On the other hand, VAIVDOSI and vaiv zone are aging methods using electromagnetic field waves. The electromagnetic field waves from the discharge plate attached inside of the product activates the water molecule movement inside the ingredients, thereby enhancing the aging effect by clustering. The aging of other products progresses from outside to inside of the ingredients progressively. On the other hand, the aging of the product of VAIVDOSI is simultaneously effected both inside and outside of the ingredients, shortening the aging period. It is a new concept of aging method that does not deteriorate the aging effect despite the temperature deviation.

The products of VIAVDOSI have a smell-catching effect, so it's okay to store a variety of ingredients together. However, it is recommended to store the ingredients separately because the proper temperature varies according to the ingredients and the odor is relatively excellent.

All products of VAIVDOSI are certified.
Through KC certification, both electric safety certification and electromagnetic certification have been issued and we have increased our credibility through overseas certification(FCC, CE).
All products of VAIVDOSI are harmless to the human body.