Tasty Stick

  • Product Name: VAIV Tasty Stick
  • Model No.: EMFW-3000
  • Rated input voltage: 85~260ACV
  • Rated output voltage: 1800~2300V(variable)
  • Output current: 0.3mA
  • Output frequency: 30~120Hz(variable)
  • Power consumption: 5W
  • Size: 200W*100D*100H
  • Material Heat-resistant temperature: 275℃(Teflon)

▶ Lowest oil absorption during frying → Clean taste
▶ Quick cooking time
▶ Thermal Conductivity Rise → Form a film on the surface → The outside is crisp and the inside is moist
▶ It is useful for cooking foods that absorb a lot of oil such as chicken, fries, donuts, potato chips, pork cutlet

▶ Reduce oil usage by 40~50%
▶ The higher the frying temperature, the higher the oxidation → Reduce frying temperature and delay oxidation → Use long-term oil
▶ No consumables / low failure rate

▶ 1/3 reduction of carcinogen "acroamide“
▶ Prevent the combination of oil and moisture → Minimize oil evaporation → Protect both the indoor air and the health of the workers' eyes and lungs

▶ 90% reduction in oil evaporation, the main cause of environmental pollution caused by burning of water and oil in high temperature
▶ Easy to clean the hood and surrounding area

#1. Case analysis (Usage of oil) – Chicken shop

#2. Case analysis (Measurement of oil oxidation value) – Chicken shop

#3. Prevent oxidation of edible oil

#4. The difference between VAIV Tasty Stick and Extra Product