■ About Electromagnetic

An electromagnetic field is a generic term for an electric field and a magnetic field. When an electric field and a magnetic field are related to each other, they are collectively referred to as an electromagnetic field.

■ Electromagnetic Field Wave of VAIV EMFW

VAIV EMFW maximizes its effect by passing electromagnetic field waves through the object. Electromagnetic field wave oscillate positively and negatively, causing water molecules (H2O) members to oscillate to align. The water molecules in the solid state are completely bonded and fixed, and the water molecules in the liquid state are not bonded and move freely. On the other hand, the water molecule of VAIV EMFW creates a molecular form of the finished form and oscillates at the same time to form a smooth shape.

■ Micro vibration of water molecules

VAIV EMFW generates electromagnetic field waves that pass through the object. Water molecules inside the object cause micro vibration, which promotes the movement and increases the thermal conductivity. In addition, the electromagnetic field waves emitted by the VAIV EMFW promote the water molecule movement to maintain a liquid state because it creates a supercooled state in which ice crystals are not generated under freezing conditions.

■ Clustering of water molecules

The electromagnetic field waves emitted by VAIV EMFW induce close hydrogen bonding of water molecule clusters by causing resonance of water molecules inside the object. Clustered water molecules form crystals with unsharp concretions that maintain cell membranes to prevent cell destruction and loss of nutrients.

■ About Ionization

When a certain stimulus is applied to a molecule, electrons are lost or injected and have positive or negative properties. In this case, the state in which the electrons are insufficient in the molecule is called the + ionization (positive charge) state and the excess state is the - ionization (negative charge) state.

■ Creation of anion environment

The material is oxidized to bond with oxygen in the air, and oxidation is the main cause of corruption and deterioration of the object. VAIV EMFW's electromagnetic field energy creates an anion environment that increases the electron concentration in the object, reducing the rate and extent of oxidation and occurring reduction effect. This prevents oxidization of the target, eliminating bacteria and sterilizing action, and maintains freshness and aging.