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through electromagnetic field waves

VAIVDOSI is building a new platform to improve the quality of life through its unique electromagnetic solution. Water is one of the most precious elements in human life. The VAIV EMFW, developed by our company, uses electromagnetic field wave technology to activate numerical motion. This creates a new paradigm by applying to various fields by generating various effects such as molecular clustering, anion environment formation, and elevated thermal conductivity.

The technology of VAIV EMFW improves the taste and quality of deep-fried dishes as well as the function of thawing, aging and fresh refrigeration such as commercial refrigerator, domestic refrigerator and freezer warehouse, and can be applied to various fields such as dryer, water cultures, beauty & health.

We are striving to activate the market with technology and paradigm differentiated from the existing market. We are not limited to the domestic market but are also promoting overseas markets such as China, Southeast Asia and the Americas.

VAIVDOSI is planning to diversify its products through steady investment and R & D to build stable production and distribution lines and to expand the business of products considering consumer convenience.