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Protein contained in meat consists of amino acids. As the animal is slaughtered, the cells stop functioning, muscle contracts, and the meat become tough. This is called rigor mortis. Afterwards, it relaxes the muscles through aging method and decomposes into amino acid (small molecule with taste) which is a component of protein (odorless, tasteless big molecule), and improves texture and taste. In addition, glycogen (carbohydrate) is a sweet taste of glucose, nucleic acids and ATP is decomposed into inosinic acid and guanylic acid flavor, fat is decomposed and transformed into fragrant fatty acids. These ingredients react to heat during the cooking process to enhance the flavor of the meat.

Using original electromagnetic wave technology, the products of VAIVDOSI accelerates the speed of the aging process described above to shorten the time and minimize the loss of nutrients by preventing cell destruction, resulting in a deeper and richer taste. While aging improves the taste of the ingredients, it also means that the freshness of the ingredients is decreasing over time. However, the aging method of VAIVDOSI is not merely a time saving effect, but it is a new concept aging-refrigerator which enables the freshness and the aging at the same time by minimizing the corruption of the ingredients caused by the shortening of the time.

The electromagnetic field wave increases the thermal conductivity.

There is a simultaneous aging effect inside / outside of the ingredients.

Prevents cell destruction due to water molecule clustering in the material.

Minimizing the loss of nutrients maximizes the effect of protein/fat changes to amino acids/glucose.

Water molecule movement protects meat juice and improves flavor.

Through creating an anion environment, it eliminates the odor by preventing oxidation and rancidity.