Increase of thermal conductivity through wave of electromagnetic field



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The most important part of freezing and thawing is how to freeze/thaw. All ingredients must be frozen and thawed at a low temperature in a short period of time to preserve the inherent properties of the material. At present, freezing of food is quick freezing at below -40 ℃ and it is common to store at below -18 ℃. On the other hand, the thawing of food is very difficult because it is done by general thaw except in case of mass distribution. In particular, the disadvantage that raw materials are not preserved, such as the destruction of cellular tissue, the denaturation of proteins, and the increase of bacteria in the process of thawing, is a reality.

The Thawing in the product of VAIVDOSI minimizes losses in the thawing process by using the unique electromagnetic field wave. Electromagnetic field wave penetrates into food ingredients and raises the thermal conductivity, so that thawing occurs simultaneously inside and outside. Therefore, thawing time is shortened and water molecule motion is caused, so cell destruction and nutrient loss are remarkably reduced, keeping the food ingredients as close to its original state as possible.

Simultaneous thawing inside/outside of food through electromagnetic field wave is possible

The ingredients maintain freshness with resilience close to 90%.

Minimizes juicy loss (drips) by clustering water molecules in the ingredients.

Maintains the original shape and quality of tuna/salmon.

It is possible to thaw quickly due to the increase of thermal conductivity.

Maintain freshness by preventing oxidization / rancidity caused by defrosting process by creating anion environment composition.

By preserving the original flavor and meat quality, the quality of the meat is improved.